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International HIV Training

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

January, 2020 was a monumental month that marked a unique international training and momentum gained in raising awareness and testing for HIV in Davao, Philippines. Meeting TENTS connected with FCCDI, the City of Davao, and the Department of Health to sponsor a training for 30 participants. This training increased the participants knowledge in HIV and how to go into communities to conduct community based screenings. These participants ranged from doctors, pastors, midwives, social workers, and students. We spent everyday learning and building a relational foundation as we joined together for a common purpose; to reduce the burden of HIV in the Philippines. Every participant was given a pre test and post test, and every participant passed their post test to further them in the process of being a qualified care giver. We were also honored, as a team, to join in on these trainings and be certified by the Filipino government. This is just the beginning of connecting with many across different fields to build up a unified movement in addressing HIV in the Philippines.

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